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Reach All Audiences

Drive Digital Channels

Trigger The Buy Instinct

Transport truck advertising is more effective than billboards and holds more attention.

Enjoy all the benefits of OUT-OF-HOME (OOH) advertising without getting lost in the crowded advertising landscape.

  • Excellent for brand awareness
  • Feed your digital media campaign with leads
  • Reach unlimited audiences and demographics
  • Your message will never be ignored or skipped

Transport truck advertising reaches 82% of North Americans and 46% of consumers visit brand websites or social media pages after seeing an ad on a truck. Truck advertising is not tuned out, deleted or ignored.

Cash in on today’s fastest growing and most effective advertising space

Women's Trucking Federation

Ontario Mounted Special Service Unit (OMSSU) mission is to serve every community with respect, dignity, honour, integrity, and pride under all circumstances with the help of our reliable riders and service horses. Click here to read more

We Wrap Fleets
Our brand strategists design truck wraps that attract the most eyes and deliver the best return on your investment.

If you advertise on our fleet you can track your results with monthly reports detailing your truck’s activities including kilometers/miles traveled and traffic reports so you know how many people saw your truck ad.

Big Rig Wraps provides lead-generating and “green” advertising options to seamlessly fuel marketing campaigns, offering choices to reach every age group and target market across North America. Click to see ad options.

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Contact Us:

Oakville, Ontario Office:

2275 Upper Middle Rd. E. Oakville, ON L6H 0C3

Durham Region Address:

Box 20055, Newcastle, ON L1B 1M3

Buffalo, New York Address:

50 Fountain Plaza Buffalo, NY 14202

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