Jensen Trailers

Big Rig Wraps First Client

“We advertise in various places such as radio, newspaper, magazines, highway billboards, online services and we track all inquiries and trailer sales to see how they found us. The transport truck ad has proven to be the best investment we have made in advertising. We are so pleased with the results we decided to scale back on another advertising and book 4 more trailers – giving us a total of 6 trucks using your transport truck advertising service! We are very happy clients and highly recommend your service. ”

Brian Jensen, Jensen Trailers

Jensen Trailers is the #1 trailer dealer in Ontario

Jensen offers every type of trailer imaginable, including custom designed trailers

Jensen also offers thousands of parts and accessories, and services all makes of trailers

“With 6 BIG RIGS promoting our brand across Ontario and Quebec, our brand is seen and recognized in the two provinces where we do business..
and it generates significant sales for us”

Brian Jensen, Jensen Trailers

In 2013, Jensen Trailers became Big Rig Wraps’ first client.

Jensen Trailers had engaged in different types of advertising before. They compete with much smaller companies who invest in Google ads to improve search rankings, but their products are not the same quality or caliber as what Jensen Trailers offers: warranties, expertise and quality of service. Jensen Trailers told Big Rig Wraps that they needed a way to reach the masses and position themselves as the industry leader they are.

After two years with Big Rig Wraps, it became clear to Jensen Trailers that transport truck advertising was more than just worthwhile – it was worthy of a further investment into more trucks. The Jensen team decided to choose specific routes and territories in Ontario and Quebec to open up new markets they weren’t currently serving.

By 2016, Jensen Trailers had six fully wrapped eye-catching 53 ft Big Rigs showcasing their brand across Ontario and Quebec. The result has been a notable increase in web site traffic, and increased sales both in their home market and new cities where the trucks travel through.